Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Departure day - 28th December

After a very relaxing evening in the Radisson Blu at Manchester airport, making full use of the pool and sauna facilities, it was a relatively early start for departure day! Months in the planning, weeks in the waiting, days of goodbyes, and all of a sudden it was here. And it still felt a little too soon. Was I ready? Had I done enough planning? Had I forgotten anything?

The brutal truth as I stood in the queue to check in was, its too damn late if you have Cormack.

But deep down, I knew that I had everything I needed. I have been very ably assisted over the last few weeks by my wingman. Working like a well oiled team. Move out of apartment, check! Store possessions, check! Pack bag for travelling, check! I couldn't have done it without you kid!

So here I am, sat in a coffee bar at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, making full use of the free wi-fi and being very grateful that the coffee bar accepts cards as there is not one ATM in the whole bloody airport.

And on day 1 of this trip, today is the day that I immediately failed. I booked the flights in a little bit of haste all those months ago. I had a 9:40am flight from Manchester to Paris. And a 23.20 flight from Paris to Buenos Aires. And i'm sure you have done the math by now. That leaves me with 11 hours to kill in the airport. Now, I'm not normally one for "killing time", but today I will make an exception.

Time check - 13:48 local time, leaving only (only?!?) 9 and a half hours to kill. Oh man! Maybe it's time to go for a little wander about, check out the duty free shops, have a read of my book, and maybe watch a DVD on the netbook.

Au revoir for now mes amies!

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