Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chau 2010, Hola 2011

So, a new year dawns in Buenos Aires. After noisy firecrackers, but somewhat muted celebrations we are left wondering what would we change about 2010 to make 2011 an even better year. I'm not one for resolutions, too clich├ęd i'm afraid, but I do take the time to reflect on the past year. Much of this is possibly due to my birthday being so close to the year's end, providing a perfect opportunity to set my stall out for the following year.

Sat in a very quiet Plaza San Martin I've been reminiscing on the past year's events and the milestones this new year is going to bring us. I hope it brings all of you a very happy 2011.

Back to what's being going on. Where were we when we last spoke? If my ageing memory serves me correctly I don't believe I had yet sampled the famed Argentine beef. Let's start there.

You can not come to Argentina and not try the steak. Even if you are a vegetarian. Seriously, it's THAT good. Just close your eyes and pretend it's Tofu. You will not be disappointed. I had “bife de lomo”, otherwise known as tenderloin. With papas fritas and a half bottle of Malbec. Let me reiterate that point. Malbec. One the the world's great reds was the house wine. Oh man! It doesn't get any better than that.

The last few days have seen me traverse the city on foot, covering what feels like every inch. Coffee in San Telmo, beer in the redeveloped port of Peurta Maduero (which has a Hooters, but less of that!), lunch in upper class suburb of Recoleta, people watching in the gritty, but oh so colourful neighbourhood of Boca, and people watching on the Avenida Florida.

In the few days that I have been here I feel that I have really got to know the city, where it's heartbeats are. That said, I will be happy to be moving on in a couple of days. BA is a city that lends itself best to couples. The sensuousness of the tango and the romance of sharing a bottle of Malbec. This solo traveller needs to be making tracks, and on Tuesday I start my long journey south, stopping off at the beach resort of Mar del Plata for a couple of days to rest up.

I will leave you with the only funny anecdote so far. And it refers to my bed and what could possibly be the slippiest mattress in the world. Now, there is no cover on it, it is just a very slippy mattress. So much so, at approx 1:30am this morning, I was woken from my slumber as I had slid out of bed and crashed to the floor, waking with a start and wondering where the hell I was!

Ha ha, that's what you get in backpacker hostels. Till the next time, adios!

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