Sunday, January 27, 2013

And just like that, we are into month 7...

After a very busy month 6, I have had a bit of transition to deal with.

My impeccably behaved house guest left these shores, presumably to go off and make snowmen. Now I have to re-adjust to doing my own washing up, and remembering where I put the iron.  On the plus side, I can get my diet back under control.  I have never eaten so many peas.

I recently blogged on my goals for 2013.  I should provide a little update.

Fitness and drinking:  I started off quite well, enjoying the mountain bike rather than a mountain of food.  I dusted the bike off and had a good few hours cycling from the North Shore, over the Harbour Bridge and around the inner city.  I'm sure the city didn't feel that hilly from the buses I'm usually on.  The last week I have lapsed a little, what with the bank holiday weekend, but am determined to get back to the gym again next week.  If I can remember where it is.

Hobart harbour
New places:  Booked a long weekend trip to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.  Tasmania is an island south of the Australian continent, just across the Bass Strait, and is one of the last remaining Aussie outposts that I have not yet vsisited.  I’m really looking forward to rectifying this, especially after hearing and reading so many great things about it.  One thing I have been told to check out, although it is obviously not my thing, is the collection of 150 or so casts of vaginas, at the Museum of New and Old Art (MONA).  Don’t they all look the same anyway?

War & Peace:  I bit the bullet, and started this behemoth of a book.  Thankfully, besides the actual book, which is helping with my fitness as it’s so heavy, I also have a Kindle version for when my arms get tired.  My Kindle version kindly informs me that I am 13% complete.  We are currently in Austria, fighting the French.  I'll plod on.

After the success of the Spanish course last year, I have now started level 2.  Another 8 week course beckons, lesson 1 of which was last week.  A timely reminder of why I want to learn this beautiful language.  Nothing to do with the beautiful women that are Spanish speakers.  Nothing at all.

I had a particularly bad week in the the post.  And no, not because of postcards and letters I'm receiving, I enjoy those.  But I received a speeding ticket and $150 fine on day 1.  On day 2, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received a further $50 fine, this time from the thieves at Thrifty car hire.  Apparently, it costs them this amount in “admin” for them to kindly pass on my name and address to the authorities for the aforementioned speeding ticket.

If I’m to be able to stick around in Australia beyond month 7 I think I better stick to the beloved scooter.

This weekend we had Australia Day on 26th where the whole nation comes together and celebrates; read, drinks beer and waves flags.  I’ll not be complaining though, as we get Monday off as a public holiday so the long weekend will be greatly enjoyed, drinking beer and flag waving.

In other news, I have secured myself a new job.  My current role was only ever a 6 month contract but I have been offered, and accepted, a job at Rabobank in the meantime.  This is a 12 month contract, based in Darling Harbour and gives me an opportunity to work back in the private sector.  

Working at a university has been good experience but I don’t think it’s my natural habitat.  And before I hear you cynics pipe up, I don’t often get to see the students!  Moving to the new role will give me the comparison between 2 very different working environments, the public and private sector.  

Oh, and the view from the office aint all that bad.

That's all folks.  


  1. Can't believe you've been there that long already, feels like yesterday when I missed you upon arrival in WA. I'll be back in OZ from next week and hopeful of stopping in Sydney so we'll have to do beers mate.

  2. Interesting bird life sitting in the harbour there. I heard of mutant wildlife, but that is ridiculous!

  3. Chris, defo up for a couple of Coopers when you are in Sydney.

  4. I recently moved to Australia. The process of moving went smooth since I hired professional removalists to help me with the moving and storage. I just had to adjust with the mental aspect of being in a new place and how to adapt to a new environment.